St. Timothy Angel Tree

Beginning on Monday November 26th angels will be available to take from the tree in our school library. Each angel will have the age of a boy or girl on it. If you decide to allow your child to choose an angel from the tree, please indicate this in writing in their agenda. Return the angel to school attached to the UNWRAPPED gift that you purchase. All angels and gifts must be returned to school by Monday December 8th. As always your generosity is much appreciated.

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Mass vs. Spaced Practice

Staff at St. Timothy viewed the following video Friday.  Parents please watch.  Spaced learning has inspired a weekly school wide Monday Math Project.


Click on image to view Video

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Celebrating Remembrance Day – Friday Nov., 9th

Dear Parents:

This is to inform you that we’ve asked all Girl Guides and Scouts Canada Club members from our school to wear their uniforms (shirts and scarf) on Friday November 9th in the am to support us with our Procession, Moment of Silence and School Assembly.  Those not belonging to Scouts Service/Social Clubs have been asked to wear RED.

Please join us in Remembering.

Thank you and Peace be with you,

Bryan Cinti

Principal – St. Timothy

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