During the month of June the staff of St. Timothy meets to create class lists for next September.  This is a highly comprehensive process in which considerable time, thought and consideration is given.  The task is complex and is the subject of many revisions.  Sometimes due to an increase or decrease in student enrolment, classes must be adjusted and reorganized after the start of the school year in September.

How can parents provide input to this process?

Parent voice/input is welcome in this process – within the following parameters.  You as parents may know the ways your child learns; you may know what he/she needs in terms of the development of work habits and study skills; you may also know what strategies support bringing out the best in your child.  There are a number of important details that are invaluable to staff as we organize students into classes.  If you feel your input will support us in this arduous process, please complete the attached form based on the criteria mentioned above.


We will take the information you provide as well as the information we have to make the best decision for your child.  Our goal at St. Timothy is to develop balanced classes – a balanced class reflects the diversity of our community and allows the variety of interests and talents of our learners to emerge and be appreciated.  Like families, the class unit provides a balance of opportunities for a range of learners to succeed through appropriate challenges.  Like the community, school is a socializer.  Each school year brings opportunities to meet and make new friends and expand our circle of acquaintances.

Some of the criteria we use to build classes are:

  1. Balance of ability, interests and talents
  2. Balance according to gender
  3. Learning style: How does the learner go about the process of learning?
  4. Social blending: What is the best cluster of individuals to effectively and efficiently learn?
  5. Educational support – I.E.P.’s Special Ed teacher/Educational Assistant support

For you to state a teacher preference is not helpful OR in some cases not possible to accommodate due to the size of our community.  As a general rule, your comments about your child’s strengths and needs are most appropriate.

Please send the form to your child’s teacher who will then forward it to the office.  These comments should be submitted by Friday June 7th, 2019.

Class Organization Form 2019-20 (PDF)

Class Organization Form 2019-20 (Word)